Shannon Vincent
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There is only forward

You don’t live through a global epidemic where “life came to a halt” and return to normal.

There is only forward. Some people will wear masks, some won’t.  Uncertainty will be with us for some time… related to the Pandemic (particularly for developing countries).  One certainty is humans will continue to adapt.

In the US, fear of inflation and expanded taxation reigns in the mind of many business owners.  This is an opportunity for you.

The CPA industry has changed in many ways.

  • Some firms eliminated some old ways of doing things (paper, too many meetings)
  • Some firms developed new ways of doing things (less paper, more remote work)
  • Many firms found new muscles and some firms quit using muscles they should have let rest a long time ago.
  • It’s clear remote team members is here to stay
  • The pandemic has also opened up (even more) the opportunity to serve industries out of your area eg. your market just got a lot bigger!

Most firms have more work than they know what to do with and are in the best financial position they have ever been in.

What’s next?  As you know, you have to get clear on your priorities. What is your next move to Play to Win?

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