Shannon Vincent
June 21, 2022
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Mindset, mindset, mindset.

Playing to win as opposed to playing to not lose is a ReNew mindset principle.

Why?  Playing to NOT lose is a guarantee of losing in the long run.

Why is that?  You will underprice, take on the wrong clients for revenue, not stand up for yourself and play down a level.  Not a Better Way.

Here are 2 relevant examples from the past week.

Prospecting a $1MM firm that serves wealthy clients… they tell me they are picking up lots of opportunities from national/large regional firms.. the national/large firms are “moving up” and as a result they are not providing great service to their smaller clients which are big clients for us.

The partner tells me.. the clients love us.  With the bigger firms they worked with a Manager or Senior and with us they get partner access.. also we charge them about 30% less?

ReNew:  So they get partner access, better service, value and you charge them less?

Firm response: Silence.

Folks, put your consumer hat on.. if you are getting more value you expect to pay the same or more?  

Point:  Play to win.

Another example:  ERC outsourcing consultants are charging 20 to 30%.

CPA firms are charging 10%.

CPA’s have more trust, will likely produce the same or better outcome, make it simpler on the business since they won’t have to establish a new relationship yet we are charging less??

Folks:  put your consumer hat on.  If you are making things easier and simpler for your client and also providing more value WHY would you charge less?  That is being a pricing apologist and playing to NOT lose.  NOT a Better Way.

Finally, just because a prospect or client complains asks or complains it doesn’t mean the price is too high or they won’t pay it.  It means they are making a statement or asking a question..  Your job is to put them back into the ReNew Sales Ladder.. ask questions, use the setting aside strategy, explore what their options are…

The world is one of unconditional abundance.  Play accordingly!

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