Shannon Vincent
October 11, 2021
min read

CPAs are pooped.

Here is what we here accountants saying:

“I’m tired.”
“Have not had a break.”
“I’m concerned about my team.”

Below is a link to a short and relevant article from the WSJ on burnout. Few take aways including a few ReNew additions:

·         No meetings longer than 30 minutes.

·         Celebrate mini wins. As CPAs we live in the gap of what needs to be done. Let’s take the time to celebrate small milestones along the way. Example, it’s not.. just need to get through the 15th.. it’s what are my wins for the day and celebrating them. Success is a series of mini wins.

·         From the article.. what are the 3 things I am NOT going to do between now and the end of the year.

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