Colin Dunn
August 12, 2022
min read

We want to let go of stand-alone 1040’s yet we can’t count on enough target client opportunities.  One strategy (there are more) is to expand your luck surface area.  

Expanding your luck surface area is simply doing passionate work  for the right clients (example Advisory), making impact then telling the right people about it (ecosystem).  Most accountants are not great at expanding their luck surface area.  Remember, if you don’t toot your own horn, there is no music.

In an equation:  Expanding Luck = Passionate Doing for the Right Clients X Impact X Telling the Right People.

By increasing your luck surface area you increase your probability of getting lucky (predictable target client opportunities).

Here is a great 16 minute lesson on how to expand your luck surface area.$goog-$msft-earnings/id315114957?i=1000571379868

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