Colin Dunn
August 20, 2021
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Let’s not be fearful about the future

ReNewed determination to follow through on the changes firms know they need to make.

My colleague Shannon Vincent texted me this image as news spread around the world that New Zealand had locked down the ENTIRE COUNTRY for at least three days (and likely more) when one case of COVID was discovered in Auckland.

Of course, Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, was quick to blame Australia for the disaster, pointing out with a little more aggression than needed that the case was linked to the Sydney outbreak!

I’m not going to argue the merits of either side of the discussion here, other than to say that we mustn’t live in fear.

As we work with firms on Pareto for Profits sessions, we’re sensing a ReNewed determination to follow through on the changes they know they need to make. When you make the firm the #1 client, why would you tolerate clients (or team members) that don’t work for your business model? ReNew member Jennifer Suguitan said it very well on this video. It’s so important to keep reminding yourself who you are doing all of this for — YOU!

A few weeks ago, Shannon mentioned Annie Duke’s book, Thinking In Bets, to me. I hadn’t read the book so I bought it. It’s very good. Shannon mentioned how Duke talks about separating process from results — critically important. I also found the closing chapter extremely eye-opening. She introduces the concept of the PRE-MORTEM. Imagine if your firm wound up being a huge failure, completely consuming your life for little reward. What would have happened to make it so? Would it be because you carried on with the old ways of thinking, and neglected to make changes you knew you had to make? Duke cites research that suggests that people who visualize FAILURE are more compelled to take action than people who visualize success. Interesting, to say the least. Apathy can be the accountant’s worst enemy.

Food for thought. Let’s not be fearful about the future. Focus on success (ReNew mindset principle) but then visualize what might happen if you don’t continue to execute your plans. What’s the likely outcome? Not something you want to think about?

Then don’t let it be that way!

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