Shannon Vincent
November 15, 2022
min read

Most accounting firms start to think about marketing when they need or want new business (typically a short term need).    Marketing is a long term game and consistency wins.  Most firms give up before they see any fruit from short term marketing efforts.  Point:  If you want to generate more target clients for your firm you need to frame your marketing mindset. eg. play the long game.

Here is some low hanging fruit for marketing:

  1. Define your Target Client in writing.
  2. Share in writing with your team and key referral sources
  3. Identify where you can find more of them eg. associations, bankers, B2B relationships
  4. Talk to your existing clients and ask where they spend their time and who influences their decisions
  5. Join and engage in the industry association of your target clients example:  dentists or contractors associations eg. show up to the association meetings, start to learn about the key issues in that industry and meet the target clients and the respective eco-system.
  6. Ask about writing and speaking opportunities.  

If you are still looking for more on how to market we have learning programs on both Referrals and Marketing. Reach out for more information.

Stay the course, measure your results and be consistent.

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