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Create greater impact by thinking Big

Thinking big is a central theme in ReNew Group.

Why?  Think small, get small. Think Big, get big.  Target the Targets!

Most people, by default, because they don’t think big, don’t aim high, and end up developing very average or below average habits.  They under-develop.” — Gary Keller

We find that firms’ numbers are a reflection of their thinking.

Here are some numbers from three CPA firms we looked at recently:

  1. Firm A: 133 client groups; clients under $3K comprise 64% of total clients and represent 13% of revenue. Yikes.
  2. Firm B: 157 client groups; clients under $3K comprise 41% of total clients and represent 7% of revenue. Ugh.
  3. Firm C: 382 client groups (too many for the size of the firm); clients under $1K comprise 52% of total clients and represent 10% of revenue.  Insanity.

Most accountants have a tendency to think small/scarcity.

The question we all need to ask is… If I am thinking BIG what would I do?  Easier said than done which is why we need reminders.

One recent habit we have developed that reminds us to think Big is to listen to the All In Podcast (

The podcast is hosted by four successful entrepreneurs and investors who have varied backgrounds, skill sets and world views.

They have positive civil discourse and respectfully disagree with one another. They are literally changing the world by leveraging investment and business to create wealth and make the world a better place.

They think VERY big and the podcast reminds us to think big.  We recommend it.

Think Big friends.  You will make more impact.

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