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Attracting talent in a buoyant market

Almost every CPA firm and business in the country are hiring.

Times are good for a lot of businesses. Times are also good for employees. The world is one of abundance!

Almost every firm continues to try to figure out a hybrid/remote model. Don’t overthink it. Test it, set expectations that it may change.

Core hours (team has to work a certain part of the day) are bunk and defeat the purpose of working with flexibility and remotely. The idea that people have to be available from 10am to 2pm or something similar is an old way of thinking. Internal and external performance standards are superior.

  • Must acknowledge all internal communication within 4 business hours
  • Must respond to all client communication by next business day

We had a great conversation with the partners in one of our firms recently about a prospective Director of Operations (DOO). The prospect wants to work remotely (although lives a few miles from the office). After unpacking the request, the prospect wanted flexibility. Coming to the office was NOT the issue; it was "Treat me as professional. Some days I work more effectively late in the evening. I will take care of my work, be responsive and be a great DOO."

Our client had a great quote (paraphrased): “Remote work is similar to standing in front of a big wave: you can ride it to shore or it will crash on you. Your choice.”

It’s an employee’s market. Old thinking will NOT help your recruiting efforts.

Tell prospective team members you focus on target clients, dictate the terms of the client relationship, price upfront, work with ReNew and collaborate with firms on the leading edge of the profession.

Old thinking equals old results.

New thinking equals better results.

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