Shannon Vincent
September 30, 2022
min read

Feedback is that 9/15 was pretty rough and 10/15 is stacking up the same.  It’s important to remind ourselves to Make the Firm #1 Client.

Here are some examples:

You can’t care more than the client.  At some point if the client has not provided you the information you need to complete their return or they are not responding to the firm.. it’s on them.  Accountants follow up with their clients more than any other provider I have ever seen.  You need to say if we don’t hear from you by October 1st, we will be unable to complete your return on time (as an example).  Set your boundaries. 

If your commitment is to not meet with clients on evenings or weekends then stick to your firm commitments. 

Take care of your health.  It’s okay to say no to personal demands or requests for your time.  A simple, “thanks for asking but I can’t make it.” 

Make your list of clients that need to be upgrade or terminated.  

Accountants tend to make excuses for their clients once they are out of the deadline.  Price and upgrade like its 10/10 or 3/24. 

Practice your No’s and get some nomentum.

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