Shannon Vincent
October 17, 2022
min read

Most apologies in business are a function of not meeting expectations. Mostly not meeting expectations is a consequence of not knowing who you are. 

We were in Las Vegas recently for our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  We hadn’t been to Vegas in a while and we love it for a couple days. 

Vegas knows what it is and what it isn’t.  Vegas is unapologetic and refreshing in its own way. 

Vegas inherently says come here, spend money, have fun and we will do our best to help you do those 2 things.  No apologies, no pretension, straightforward. Deal. 

Many firms lack confidence related to value, wonder what their clients really think and are apologetic.  I have heard a few firms say, “can’t imagine raising prices with the service we have been providing.” 

Getting clear about what you stand for and who you are is critical to improving your firm. 

Know thyself, know who the customer is, focus on what you stand for and set up systems to deliver your promise.  Most firms over-think it and aren’t willing to “go backwards.”  That is, any potential revenue short fall prevents them from making real gains.  We come from a place of scarcity and it back fires. 

We know you have blocked time to work on your model after the 17th. 

Good news.. just being in Renew Group is a start. You have tons of resources at your fingertips.  Where you are in the ReNewal of your Firm (eg somewhere between infancy and succession), the new MRR methodology and reviewing your Pareto for Profit are good places to start. 

Getting on the scale frequently is progress.  

Do the work. 

Quit over-thinking it and making it more complicated than it is. Less is more. 

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