Shannon Vincent
March 8, 2022
min read

As accountants, that is easier said than done, when deadlines are approaching and we have work to do.

Winning can be simple. Winning is waking up on the positive side of the day, accomplishing your goals for the day (note to self, have a goal (s) for each day), you determine your day NOT your in-box, making impact and inspiring others.

March 15th is rapidly approaching. How do you win the 15th? What are you going to do celebrate?

Define your wins. Here are some examples.


Focused on target clients

Not let the squeaky wheels command the day

Didn’t scramble on the 15th to do a bunch of stuff last minute


Met your commitments

Communicated clearly


You walked your talk. You and your team are inspired by the clients you have chosen to work with No one is NOT burned out

Look to the 16th and make sure you can wake up on the winning side of the 15th deadline!

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