Shannon Vincent
October 4, 2021
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What do you need to take more ownership of?

Own it:  you decide who your clients will be, who can work there and the work you’ll do.

All of us.. need to unpack and dig in.. where do we need more conviction and agency (more on that below). What do we mean by own it?

“I want to do more Wealth Management business. I am too busy to pursue it. I don’t have time.”

Own it! What does that mean?

It means taking ownership and having conviction around what is preventing you from getting what you want. Hope is NOT a strategy. Neither is being wishy-washy.

Examples of owning it: Telling your team and the public you only work with clients where you also manage their assets. Not taking on more clients that don’t fit your objectives.

“I only want to work with Target Clients. I don’t have enough of them.”

Examples of owning it: Going through the Marketing module on RYAF in detail and developing your go to market strategy which includes:

  • Target Client Definition
  • Defined offering
  • Business to business marketing strategies (eg forming relationships to access Target Clients).

Similar concept to owning it is Agency: the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. One's agency is one's independent capability or ability to act on one's will.

What do you need to take more ownership of?

  • Your time
  • A team situation
  • A client situation
  • Your business model
  • A situation at home
  • What you really want

First step in moving the needle is owning it! Own it!

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