Shannon Vincent
May 31, 2022
min read

Making the firm #1 client is a critical ReNew Mindset principle.  The core of the principle is that by making the firm the #1 client you will create more value for the right stakeholders.

This starts with blocking time to work on your firm.  We recommend 6-8 hours a week working on your firm.  That may sound like a lot but you will get the most return from working on your firm!

What are some of the things you can work on the make the firm #1 client?

  • Working on your own numbers.
  • Working on your vision and strategy.
  • Where are you and your team inspired?  
  • Working on your niche development and go to market strategies eg. what domain expertise are you developing?  Are you proactively staying in touch with referral sources.
  • What do you need to say No to
  • Where can we manage scope more effectively and not work for free?
  • What is your recruiting and retention plan
  • Revisiting your Target Client Definition
  • How can you improve your demonstration of value and command premium pricing?

Just naming a few.. and our members have content templates for all of the above in the ReNew Vault.

If you don’t make your firm a priority.. who will?

Make it Count!

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