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Don't settle for doing the same things that make you miserable

Over the past week, I have spoken with accountants in the US, Canada, Australia and Sweden.

The common message is we’re tired, it’s been another hard year, we’ve mostly taken a little vacation but already we are longing for the next one. And, of course, in the US with 9/15 and 10/15 approaching there’s plenty to do.

To compound matters, many firms are now dealing with the ‘stragglers’, the disorganized clients, the clients they’ve deliberately left till last.

One observation Shannon and I have as we’ve been talking with accountants is that 2020/21 seems to be accelerating timelines. The pain has become acute enough to demand that action be taken — often action that should have been taken years ago. Moving on from some clients; moving on from toxic team members; in some cases, rightsizing the firm or bringing forward sale or retirement dates.

There’s no shame in accepting that some of what you’ve been doing is not working.

The only shame is in NOT taking action, once you’ve realized that there is a better way. Wherever you are in your firm’s journey, you will have important decisions to make and actions to take — every year! One option that is NEVER acceptable is to continue doing the same thing that is making you miserable. In the words of best-selling author, James Clear, in his recent newsletter:

“Many people wish they had started sooner. Almost nobody wishes they started later.”

Make the firm your #1 client. Block out time every week to work on your firm and yourself. Own your issues, have the courage to make the changes you need to make and look after yourself and your family.

Having spent almost 10 years in a business advisory capacity in a fast-growing UK firm, Colin Dunn FCA has spent the past 25 years training, coaching and consulting to accounting firms globally. Read more »

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