Shannon Vincent
July 26, 2022
min read

I was in a recent conversation with a successful founder of a technology company and I asked him what the biggest threat to his business is.. I was expecting him to say security concerns but the answer was friendly fire. He said was concerns him the most is not doing the right things internally. I found his response interesting and very relevant to public accounting.

The biggest threat we have is not allocating our time, people and capital in ways that will create the most value for key stakeholders.. resulting in more success.

The starting point is giving ourselves permission to be successful.  Most accountants do not give themselves permission to be successful. They tend to get mired in living an old family or self-narrative, making decisions from a place of scarcity or guilt or worrying about what others think.  No fun.

Here is a link to a 12 minute video we created on to give yourself permission to succeed. If this makes sense to you, reach out and let's schedule a time to talk about your firm, and how you focus on success.

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