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Time is NOT money

Time is your life

You can always make more money. You can’t make another minute.

Time is money is an old way of thinking.

The US is opening up more by the day. As Robert Frost said, life goes on.

Before we do that, we should ask ourselves what did we learn about time management from “the great pause?”  Eg. COVID. I think it’s a great question.

I learned that I definitely wasted time on what I will call unnecessaries.
Example:  I had a follow up to a Doctor’s appointment last week. It is about an hour drive round trip. Rather than spend 2 hours getting organized, driving, having the appointment I called the office and asked if I could just do a tele-med appt (zoom). I knew I didn’t need to be at the appointment in person. They said a tele-med appointment is absolutely fine.

One thing that was interesting about the tele-med appt (other than I accomplished everything I needed in 2 hours less time) is the PA (physician’s assistant) Tim got on the Zoom and said, “You didn’t need to come in. I hope this continues. It saves so much time.”

I gave Tim time back! Had I not asked to have the tele-med appt I would have spent 2 hours rather than 20 minutes.

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