Shannon Vincent
June 14, 2022
min read

You can always make more money but you can’t make more time!  We just changed that for you.  Shh!  This is secret sauce and a competitive advantage.

How to get 6 hours back per week with a few adjustments that don’t require anything but a mindset shift and some communication.  Time is your scarcest resource, treat it accordingly.

  • Most CPA firm partners spend a minimum of 15 hours per week in internal and external meetings.  Reduce all meeting times by 20%.  One hour meetings are now 48 minutes.  All 30 minute meetings are now 24 minutes.  Stand up for your time, no one else will!   3 hours per week.
  • Skip one 30 minute meeting per week (one you just don’t need to be in). 30 minutes saved.
  • Check email and phone messages 3 times per day as opposed to all day.  30 minutes per day saved.  2.5 hours saved per week.
  • Have one day per week where you do NOT book meetings.  This just makes you more productive.

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