Shannon Vincent
October 18, 2021
min read

Trust is absolute. Value is NOT linear.

Many of us have our target clients on a monthly price with a consistent service offering which is the entire point of a scalable model. The consistent communication creates an enormous amount of intimacy and trust. A key reminder is you can’t predict when you are going to create 6 figures (or more) of value. The instances are strategic planning, succession planning, operational issues or crisis management.

Here’s the point.. you must make the invisible VISIBLE and toot your own horn or there will be no music.

Example, Colin and I spoke with a firm last week and created at least 6 figures worth of value in a 90 minute conversation. It was a conversation that only was able to take place based on monthly calls and a subscription model (Trust is high). We are not concerned about “leaving money on the table” yet we do want to make sure that we make the value explicit. Of course, there will be scenarios where a change order is required. With that said, when you create a scalable model, by design, value is NOT linear and you will leave some money on the table. The goal is scale and a model not necessarily capturing every dollar of value. This is okay if you are tooting your own horn and have a profitable scalable model.

Trust is absolute, clients need value reminders.

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