Shannon Vincent
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Strategy reset

Before you can determine your firm strategy you need to determine what game you are playing.

Firms often determine their strategy and realize the reason their strategy is not working or satisfying is they didn’t consider what game they were playing in the first place.

Habit #3, from Covey’s seminal work the 7 Habits, reminds us to begin with the end in mind.

Here are a few examples of games you can play in the business of public accounting:

  • Make as much money as possible
  • Have as much freedom as possible
  • Help as many people as possible
  • Create a firm that is NOT dependent on you
  • Create a firm that allows you to do what you enjoy (Advisory, Wealth Management, Tax)
  • Create a firm where you can make the most impact

It is extremely difficult to play more than one game at a time.  The pandemic (great pause) has caused a lot of people to change the game they are playing.

Beware of taking cues from firms playing a different game than you are, you need to ask yourself what game are you playing?  What does winning look like?

The right answer is the one that provides you with the life you want.

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