Shannon Vincent
September 13, 2022
min read

I ran into the MP of a firm that I worked with for over 10 years.  We ultimately sold his firm to his 2 younger partners.  He said... ”I think of you often.  I have been indulging. I only fly first class.”  I said, “thanks for letting me know.  That’s awesome, treating ourselves is very important.” We had a nice conversation.  It’s nice to know ReNew is creating a positive legacy.

One thing that plagues our profession is not treating ourselves.  We stay in average hotels, fly coach, drive practical cars etc.. It’s a scarcity mindset.  We know the world is one of unconditional abundance.

The more we play down, not treat ourselves as VIPs and settle for average the lower our prices will be and mediocre results will follow.  A mindset is perpetuating.  Things in motion stay in motion, such as small thinking vs. big thinking.

If you treat yourself, think big, you will create big value and command premium prices.  Exercise the muscle!

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