Colin Dunn
April 4, 2022
min read

I saw the following post on #taxtwitter a couple of days ago:

"Sanity check - 4 voicemails and 2 emails in 24 hours is excessive and a policy that I return messages in 24-48 hours for non-emergency and not time sensitive things is reasonable right?"

In the middle of tax season, how is this accountant tolerating such behavior from a client? The likely reason is FEAR; specifically, feared that is rooted in a scarcity mindset. There is only one thing to do with a client like this…show them the door, immediately!

Over the course of 25 years or so in this game, I have routinely asked accountants why they do what they do. Here is a summary of the top 10 most common responses:

  1. Love working with clients
  2. Meet a variety of people
  3. Get involved in different sorts of work
  4. Contact with interesting people
  5. Fascinated by business
  6. Client contact
  7. Like to see clients succeed
  8. Love to help people
  9. To influence lives
  10. To help clients achieve lifestyles and improve their financial position

Of course, there are also comments about independence, freedom, and the ability to make good money. Most respondents acknowledge these as expected outcomes rather than things that drive and inspire them.

So, why are so few accountants DOING these things? Why is most of the profession mired in compliance, worried about losing clients and woefully underserving good clients who need more help?

Again, fear. It is a terrible thing. It suppresses our natural instincts and deprives us (and our clients) of opportunities. As you continue your quest for A Better Way, regularly revisit why you do what you do. Seize the day, take control and commit to your passion. It’s more fun, more rewarding and a win / win on so many levels.

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