Shannon Vincent
March 14, 2022
min read

We drive a scarcity mindset and low self-esteem when don’t stand up for ourselves or live our own truth.  On the other hand, when we ask for what we want or bring up something that is bothering us we build abundance.  Hard subjects and conversations typically don’t go away. It certainly doesn’t help our mindset to avoid them.


  • Client turns in their work late.  Tell them.
  • Client doesn’t adhere to the boundaries you have set.  Tell them.. although you did XX you will still take care of them.  2 points to your self-esteem.  Tell them they didn’t adhere to the boundary and you will not be able to get their return completed on time.  3 points to your self-esteem.
  • Team member does something that isn’t consistent with firm standards.  You eat your words.  2 points to reducing self -esteem.  You professionally tell them they need to improve (timing counts as well).  2 points to your self-esteem.

You get the gist. There are daily opportunities in your personal and professional life to build your self -esteem and abundance.  Seize the opportunities and turn them into positives.

It may sound like small stuff..  It’s not…  I know from experience.

Stand up for yourself and your firm.  It will breed abundance and success.

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