Mindset Matters

Here is some of our thinking related to managing an accounting firm.

The first step in moving the needle is owning it accountants change client categorization differentiation services staffing strategy Sep 05, 2021

What do you need to take more ownership of?

Own it:  you decide who your clients will be, who can work there and the work you’ll do. 

All of us.. need to unpack and dig in.. where do we need more conviction and agency (more on that below). What do we mean by own it?

“I want...

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New thinking equals better recruitment results accountants mindset recruitment staffing Aug 08, 2021

Attracting talent in a buoyant market

Almost every CPA firm and business in the country are hiring.

Times are good for a lot of businesses. Times are also good for employees. The world is one of abundance! 

Almost every firm continues to try to figure out a hybrid/remote model. Don’t...

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Doing the math on CPA firms accountants cash flow change client experience compliance v advisory labor staffing strategy succession technology workflow Aug 01, 2021

Roy Keely is a Strategic Advisor to ReNew

Roy recently posted a short blog we think you’ll find relevant.

The formula

Here is the formula that is upon many CPA firms (and many other businesses):

More work than ever +
Expansion of corporate America (IE stealing talent) +
Recalibrated workforce...

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Is your firm serving you? accountants staffing Jul 15, 2021

Is your firm serving you (or is it the other way round)?

As some of you know, I am an ice hockey nut (which always surprises people, given I live in Australia, not known for its ice!)

Next week, the NHL will hold an expansion draft as it welcomes its 32nd team, the Seattle Kraken. The Kraken...

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A Better Way Forward NOT back to Normal accountants covid19 staffing strategy tax Jun 20, 2021

There is only forward

You don’t live through a global epidemic where “life came to a halt” and return to normal.

There is only forward. Some people will wear masks, some won’t.  Uncertainty will be with us for some time… related to the Pandemic (particularly...

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