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ReNew Your Firm.

RYAF - ReNew Your Accounting Firm

An 8-week co-assisted course that will leave your firm focused with a plan of action to reduce the noise, improve profitability and obtain better clients. 

You will leave the course with:
  • A new outlook on running your firm
  • An internal value proposition that focuses you and your team
  • A detailed analysis of your firm that provides you an assessment of where the noise comes from, where you are most profitable and where to focus going forward
  • Target client definition and a path to upgrade your current clients with a defined package of services and premium pricing
  • Marketing strategies and a plan for going after the targets
  • One-year targets and action plan supported by key firm metrics such as monthly recurring revenue, average client revenue
  • Turnkey best practice content and much more! 
Watch our 7-Minute Introduction to RYAF


A Better Way focuses on:

  • ReNewing your outlook on leading and operating your firm.  Create value for the right stakeholders. 

  • Target Clients:  Attract, position, sell, onboard, upgrade and deliver services with scale and leverage.   ReNew’s Target the Targets program cuts through the noise of what the industry is telling you, enabling you to obtain more target clients more efficiently.

  • Content and Applications:  Short cuts, best practices, hacks, templates, online learning, applications to reduce the noise, improve profitably, stop working for free and attract better clients faster (and without recreating the wheel).  Examples, service definition, reducing scope creep, engagement letters, how to package and price advisory services and much more. 

  • Collaboration and accountability with like sized firms: ReNew Your Friend, ReNew Online Collaboration, Group Calls, Growth Clubs, Events, Coaching Access.

  • Access to A Better Way is by monthly subscription.