Hear from the accountants who moved the needle and experienced a better way


Jennifer understood she needed to make the firm the #1 client

3 mins 24 secs

It's not easy reducing client numbers by 70% and maintaining revenue, but by collaborating with other ReNew firms, Jennifer accessed the knowledge she needed to do just that. Now she's planning to grow in a sane manner! 

Blake knew he needed to change the model

3 mins 19 secs

Change is not easy, we all know this...however, what are you doing about changing? Don't recreate the wheel; use our resources and community to help get traction around the change you know you need to make. 


Perry knew there was a better way!

4 mins 59 secs

Perry was successfully growing a healthy practice but trading his sanity for it. Working with ReNew, he discovered that it doesn't have to be that way. 

Scott changed the game

5 mins 18 secs

Changing up his practice to being a business, Scott works with ReNew Group to align his people and focus on specific goals. Doing so allows them to change their thinking, reduce workloads, improve profitability, consistently hit their targets and be successful.


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