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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to plan to spend each week working on my firm?
You should plan to spend 6-8 hours per week to work the program.
When is the ideal time to start the program?
The best time is now. You may think – I’ll do this as soon as I get caught up. We know from experience that “when I get caught up” = NEVER. There will never be an ‘ideal’ time to start, other than today! There will always be a reason, a task, a client, or an excuse that keeps you from starting. One of our clients recently said, “I should have started Renew ten years ago.” Don't wait any longer to unlock the potential of your firm; discover firsthand how collaborating with accountants who have walked this path before you can revolutionize your accounting firm...and your life. Take the first step toward a brighter future, where you can achieve success on your own terms while enjoying a balanced and rewarding professional life. Your journey to a renewed and prosperous firm starts now!
How long is the contract?
At signup, we require one payment equivalent to 3 months. At month 4, you move to month-to-month billing. There is no long-term contract. We earn your business each month through the value you receive by working our methodology to bring you less work, more profits and better clients.
I’ve signed up; what happens next?
1. You’ll receive a welcome/onboarding call from either Shannon or Colin.
2. You’ll receive access to our online platform, Renew Connect.
3. We’ll ask you to record an introduction video and submit it.
4. You’ll then begin working through the 13 modules in our program.
5. Once the modules are complete, you will submit your firm’s numbers for the Pareto for Profit analysis.
6. We’ll have a one-on-one coaching call that is specific to you and your firm.
What other benefits do I receive?
  • Education & Training
  • Firm Transformation Framework (13 Modules)
  • Our proprietary Pareto for ProfitTM analysis that helps you understand your clients and increase your average revenue per client.
  • Our Annual Modern Firm Metrics Benchmarking report
  • Coaching (Shannon/colin/Renew Connect Community)
  • Templates, Tools & Resources
  • Renew Vault, which contains over 500 documents with best practices and ready-to-go templates
  • Unlimited support by emailing our founders, Shannon and Colin.
  • Have a question? Simply post your question on Renew Connect to be answered by Shannon or Colin, or another member of our community.
  • Community
  • Renew Connect, our community platform for Renew Group firms. Share ideas and ask questions with like-minded firm owners who are committed to transforming their firms.
  • We host group conference calls every week, to discuss results, wins, and challenges.
  • Blog posts and community posts to remind you to work on your firm and shift your mindset.
  • Weekly follow-ups if you aren’t working the program. We’re here to help you see real results!
  • Group Calls: Every other week
    All Firm Calls: First Tuesday of every month
    Collaboration Calls: Third Tuesday of every month
    Growth Clubs: Fourth Tuesday of every month (Growth Clubs are monthly mastermind groups facilitated by our members!)
  • Access to Regroup, our annual members-only event. Meet your peers from around the country, all following the Renew methodology to improve the profitability of their CPA firm while creating a better life for themselves!
  • Coaching
  • Unlimited support by emailing our founders, Shannon and Colin.
  • Have a question? Simply post your question on Renew Connect to be answered by Shannon or Colin, or another member of our community.
When will I see results?
You’ll receive real results in just a few weeks!
For the firms in the community, where are they located?
The firms in our community vary in size and represent locations in 23 different states.

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