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Some quick ReNew Productivity Hacks

December 19, 2022
Here is a punch list of some ReNew Productivity Hacks.
Shannon Vincent

Hi Everyone:

Here is a punch list of some ReNew Productivity Hacks.  Feel free to add what is working for you.

Time is your life and your greatest resource

Block time for wellness during tax season and to work ON your firm. Make the firm #1 Client

Start with No. If it’s not a Heck yes.. it’s no

Have at least one day a week with no meetings

Ask yourself.. if I don’t go to this meeting will it matter?

If it can be accomplished in a quick phone call, avoid the meeting

Check email at certain times of the day NOT all day long

Send your clients a list of who to contact at your firm for certain things eg copies of returns etc.

Remind yourself you can’t care more than the client

Define success for tax season. eg don’t just survive

Ask your team often.. what are we doing that is NOT making the firm #1 client

Set a goal for each morning

Set a goal for each afternoon

Plan each week on Friday or over the weekend before the next week

Delete social media from your phone

Dramatically reduce news consumption

Start your day with the tasks you aren’t excited about doing eg hard phone calls, a tax return you have been avoiding, tough team member conversation

Laugh everyday. Eg. little youtube clips.. in fact, better to start the day with a laugh than news

Put vacation time / you time on your calendar first for the new year. Make it immovable time and do not allow anyone to schedule over it

Reward yourself. Give yourself something to look forward to when you achieve a target or a milestone

Don’t sacrifice good enough for the case of perfect.

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