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There's a better way to run your accounting firm.

Imagine a tax season you look forward to with the ability to command premium pricing, all while working with the clients that are right for you and your firm.

Don’t imagine, make it happen! Our methodology renews your accounting firm.

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Our proprietary Pareto for Profit™ analysis reveals your breakeven revenue, pinpoints the source of your tax season insanity, and reveals your scalable zone!

Renew Your Firm With Our Methodology


Increase in average revenue per client


Reduction in clients paying less than $1K

Game Changing Results

Take advantage of our proven strategy to help your accounting firm achieve a modern business model. The numbers speak for themselves!

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A photo of Scott Hunt, CPA

Scott changed the game

Changing up his practice to being a business, Scott works with ReNew Group to align his people and focus on specific goals. Doing so allows Scott and
his partners to change their thinking, reduce workloads, improve profitability, consistently hit their targets and be successful.

A photo of Blake Meester, CPA

Blake knew he needed to change the model

Change is not easy, we all know this...however, what are you doing about changing? Don't recreate the wheel; use our resources and community to help get traction around the change you know you need to make.

A photo of Jennifer Suguitan, CPA

Jennifer understood she needed to make the firm the #1 client

It's not easy reducing client numbers by 70% and maintaining revenue, but by collaborating with other ReNew firms, Jennifer accessed the knowledge she needed to do just that. Now she's planning to grow in a sane manner!

A photo of Perry Ghilarducci, CPA

Perry knew there was a better way!

Perry was successfully growing a healthy practice but trading his sanity for it. Working with ReNew, he discovered that it doesn't have to be that way.

Our Methodology Includes:

Content & Applications

We provide accounting firms with the tools to help them reach their next level and achieve maximum profitability. Get access to a customized goals-based plan and our Pareto for Profit™ model to help you understand your clients and increase your average revenue per client. Access hundreds of complementary assets from our Renew Vault such as example letters, templates, scripts and more! No need to reinvent the wheel; the hard work has already been done by those who have gone before you.

Renew's resource libraryRenew's collaboration discussion forum

Collaboration & Community

Work with experts through a mixture of online content, group calls, and applications and leave with a renewed vision for your firm and next steps. Work at your own pace through our online training methodology, combining video training, related content, internal workouts to get your team involved, and deliverables that you complete to demonstrate your understanding of the content and commit to a plan of action. Share your work with your peers and get insightful feedback to fine-tune your execution. Join our twice-monthly collaboration calls to stay up-to-date with relevant content, learn from veterans in our community and have your questions answered. Interact with other Renew members anytime on our vibrant discussion forum.

Coaching & Consulting

Get access to decades of industry knowledge from our expert team. The Renew team will guide you through your process, interacting in the online community or by scheduled coaching calls. Take advantage of unlimited access for quick answers to questions, feedback on your proposed approaches or to be connected with others who have succeeded in the areas you are tackling.

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Begin your firm’s renewal to increase your accounting firm’s profitability by commanding premium pricing with the right clients, leading with advisory services and create a better life for you and your team.

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