Share Insights, Collaborate, and Advance Your Firm.

Renew is a community specifically designed for accounting firm owners who want to elevate their businesses. Curated by industry veterans, we help you work less, profit more, and develop a better business model.

The Blueprint for a Better
Business Model and Quality of Life

At Renew we proudly empower firms to reimagine the way they think, work, and plan so they can build the firm and life they want.

“One of the biggest values that Renew Group provides is the community. It’s gotten me exposure to other similar firms at a pretty intimate level. That community and collaboration has been a huge value.”

Blake Meester (California)

“Renew gave me a focus point, a steady goal, to make my firm the number one client. I learned that you cannot successfully help your clients if you're not prioritizing your own firm."

Jennifer Suguitan (Texas)

“Every year during tax season I was completely overwhelmed. When we started with Renew we had close to 800 clients. Now we have 170 that we are able to go deeper with. We're working so many less hours and revenue is up.”

Perry Ghilarducci (California)

Renew Group helps you
work less and profit more

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Renew Connect: Leverage our online community for ongoing peer support and enriching networking opportunities.
Live Group Calls: Participate in dynamic, real-time conversations that propel your firm forward.
Growth Clubs: Engage with like-minded firms at a similar stage of development dedicated to advancing together and providing the accountability you need.
Live Events: Experience the power of our annual face-to-face conferences; network with Renew members who have done what you want to do before and build even more intimate relationships.


Expert Insights: Tap into Renew’s extensive resources and collective 50 years + of experience to steer you through your challenges with confidence.
Community Wisdom: Sometimes you need to hear it from another accountant! Make connections with others tackling similar issues and gain the courage to execute from their experiences.
Tailored Coaching: Schedule personalized sessions with our experts, that are designed to meet your specific needs.
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Dashboard mockup

Education, Tools, and Resources

Pareto for Profit™ Analysis: Take control of your firm, dictate the terms of the relationship with your target clients, and leverage templates and scripts to help you make the changes you need.
Model Firm: Engage in our proprietary top-down exercise to map out the firm you’ve dreamed of and execute an action plan to work toward your Model Firm in the timeframe that suits you.
Online Learning: Get your team involved with engaging and easy-to-consume online learning modules, complete with all the how-to’s you need to implement what you learn.

Community that supports and inspires

Our mission is to help you work less, profit more, and develop a better business model through structured pathways tailored to your firm's growth and success.

Our results in numbers


Average increase in revenue per client


Increase in sanity. *The number is immeasurable, but we had to pick one.


Average net revenue per professional

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