Less Tax Season
More Profits
Better Clients

Execute the ROI-based methodology that transforms your small to mid-sized accounting firm into a highly profitable firm by leading with advisory, commanding premium pricing and working with the right clients.

Our numbers-based starting point and recurring accountability yields a firm with less tax season, more profits, and better clients.

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Revenue up 32%
Average revenue per client up 137%
Number of clients under $1K down 84%
Total number of clients down 53%

The results are medians across all firms. The outcomes are typically achieved over three tax seasons. The firms worked with range from $250K to $3.5MM in revenue.

Change the game – Expand Existing Client Relationships and Attract Target Clients

We provide a proven strategy to help accounting firms create a modern business model based around higher-yielding target clients by leading with advisory.

Let's dig into your numbers. Stop the Madness of Tax Season!

Overworked but under-utilized? Overwhelmed, feel like you invest too much time with the wrong clients and the right clients aren't getting your attention? Hard to be present outside the firm during tax season? The thought of another tax season fills you with dread and creates huge stress? Working harder and harder and sacrificing quality of life? 

Most firms spend way too much time servicing clients in what we refer to as the Insanity Zone...low-paying clients who do not appreciate you, and prevent you from spending time with clients who need (and would pay for) more help!

Our Pareto for Profit methodology helps you understand where you are profitable, and where you are not...and what to do about it.

If you relate to this, watch this 4-minute video to understand what causes tax season madness - AND how to stop it!

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