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An Accountant's Guide to Conquer Tax Season

Colin Dunn
July 6, 2023
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Reclaim Your Life by Putting Yourself First

Tax season, the notorious time of year that elicits mixed emotions among accounting professionals. Despite vowing each year not to repeat the chaos, many firms find themselves overwhelmed with record numbers of extensions, already dreading the fall deadlines. But what if there was a way to break free from this cycle? It's time to flip the script. By dedicating 6-8 hours a week to work on your own firm, you can transform your tax season experience. Here's how.


Make Your Firm Your #1 Client

It's easy to become consumed by clients' needs and neglect your own firm's health. That’s why treating your firm as your top client is essential. In other words, as the airlines say, you must put on your own oxygen mask before you can help others. By allocating dedicated time each week solely to your firm, you can focus on strengthening your business model so that you run your firm, rather than the other way around.


Are You Losing Money on Some Clients (but they consume WAY too much of your time!)?

When was the last time you dug into your client list and categorized your clients? Renew firms undertake an annual Pareto for Profit™ analysis and know precisely which clients sit in the Insanity Zone and which are in danger of slipping into that zone. And then each year, they take ACTION to address those clients (e.g., selling, terminating, or upgrading clients).


But without templates and processes, that is all just words and empty promises. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel…everything you want to do has been done before, and you can get quick results by leveraging content created in collaboration with firms who have done this successfully.


Quit Asking Your Team to Work Unhealthy Hours!

In a recent survey, partners highlighted staffing as a critical concern. Post-COVID, firms face the task of getting staff back on track and maximizing productivity. Hiring and retaining skilled professionals while fostering a supportive work environment are vital.


Investing in professional development programs (such as involving team members in Renew’s online training methodologies) and offering competitive compensation packages can contribute to attracting and retaining top talent. But the biggest factor is to place a focus on HEALTHY WORKING HOURS. Would you want to work for you if you were a smart, 25-year-old with options?


Breaking free from the cycle of overwhelming tax seasons requires a shift in mindset and intentional action. By prioritizing your firm, you can transform your tax season experience. Block out 6-8 hours a week on your calendar, make your firm #1, and embark on a journey towards a more balanced and prosperous future.


Start today and reap the rewards in the seasons to come. Schedule time to talk with us today and we’ll help you to map out a plan for a better firm...and life.


About Renew

Renew Group is making tax season less daunting and creating a better life for accountants by commanding premium pricing with the right clients through leading with advisory services.


We offer collaboration tools, world-class coaching, consulting, community engagement, and so much more.

Led by Shannon Vincent and Colin Dunn, Renew does not deal in fluff. Just REAL results.

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