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Artificial intelligence in the workspace

Colin Dunn
February 3, 2023
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Anyone checked out ChatGPT?

It's a pretty amazing AI and could probably help you if you're writing any marketing content or blogs.


I spent literally one minute educating it about ReNew (it cannot browse websites, so it needs to 'learn'). I then asked it to write a blog about how ReNew can help accountants in 2023. Here's the result that it spat out instantaneously:

"In 2023, Renew Group will continue to help small to mid-sized accounting firms improve their profitability and operations. One key way we do this is by helping accountants to reduce the number of clients they have and focus on providing high-quality service to their best clients. This approach has several benefits.

First, by reducing the number of clients you have, you can free up time and focus on providing better service to the clients you choose to work with. This can help you to build stronger relationships with your clients and provide more value to them, which can lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Second, focusing on a smaller number of clients can also help you to improve your profitability. By working with high-value clients and charging premium prices for your services, you can increase your income without having to take on additional work. This can help you to grow your business and improve your bottom line.

Third, working with a smaller number of clients can also help you to reduce your workload during tax season. By focusing on providing high-quality service to your best clients, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on low-value tasks and focus on the work that really matters. This can help you to reduce stress, improve your work-life balance, and deliver better results for your clients.

Overall, Renew Group can help accountants in 2023 by providing support and guidance on how to reduce the number of clients they have and focus on providing high-quality service to their best clients. By taking this approach, you can improve your profitability, grow your business, and deliver better results for your clients."

If you're interested, you can sign up for a free account here:


Taking Action:

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About the Author:

Colin Dunn, a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in the accounting industry, is passionate about helping accountants transform their firms and lives. With over 25 years dedicated to creating content for to help CPAs improve their profitability, Colin shares valuable insights into the ever-changing digital workspace. Colin believes that CPAs can create a better work-life balance by learning from past experiences and applying these insights to their firms, allowing them to spend more time with their families and pursuing hobbies and leisure interests.


About Renew Group:

Are you tired of being on the diet but not seeing results? Most consultants to the CPA Profession do lots of talking and deal in 'fluff'. But there's no accountability and no focus on RESULTS.

At Renew, we start with your numbers. Our firms complete a Pareto for Profit analysis EVERY YEAR, set new targets to improve their profitability and then 'weigh in' regularly. We give you a roadmap to transform the profitability of your accounting firm by accessing our content, collaborating with other firms on a similar path and being held accountable by our coaching team and your peers.

Get paid what you're worth, create a better life based on a scalable business model and eliminate tax season insanity once and for all!

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