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Take Control of Your Firm and your Life with Pareto for Profit™

Colin Dunn
May 12, 2023
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Quit Wasting Resources on the Wrong Clients and Reduce Hours Worked

Tax season is officially over (except for some of you in California!), and as accountants, we know exactly how you and your team are feeling - exhausted, stressed, burnt out, and stuck in a rut. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can take control of your business and your life with Renew’s proprietary Pareto for Profit™ analysis. It’s something every firm should be doing around this time of year – don’t waste May!


Understanding Your Client Base with Pareto for Profit™

We put a unique twist on Pareto (or the 80/20 rule as you may know it) that helps you to better understand your client base and where all of your time is going. Which of your clients are fragile? Which lie in the Danger Zone? What does your Insanity Zone look like? (You’ll probably have a gut feel on that one right now!) And which clients sit in your Leverage Zone, and may be underserviced because of all of the above? 


Take Action and Reduce Your Hours Worked 

Once you understand where your clients fall, you can take action to better allocate your resources. You'll know your break even revenue and we’ll give you recommendations on what your minimum prices should be, so that you stop losing money on clients in the Insanity Zone. Most firms find they make more money with fewer clients (and importantly, less time worked) when they really get this. As our client, Michale, told us: 

“The Pareto for Profit™ analysis points out how much time I spend servicing clients leaving me tired and insane. Since this has been going on for years, it is time to make changes and move forward with a different mindset.”


Get Your Own Pareto for Profit™ Analysis

The Pareto for Profit™ analysis is a powerful tool that can help you take control of your firm and your life. So why not get in touch with Renew Group today and enquire about getting your own analysis? We're here to help, and we can provide the direction required to move the needle and help you transform your firm.


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About Renew

At Renew Group, we specialize in helping CPAs / accountants reduce the stress and burnout associated with tax season so that they get more out of their firms with fewer hours. We are experts in creating content, fostering collaboration, and providing the coaching required to move the needle and help you transform your firm. So why not get in touch today and see how we can help you create the firm and life you've always wanted?

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