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Putting yourself first

Shannon Vincent
April 28, 2023
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One of the key principles of Renew for creating a better firm and a better life is prioritizing the firm as the number one client.

Simply put, this means that a firm can create more value for its stakeholders by taking care of itself first before taking care of others. It is similar to putting on your own life preserver before saving a family member who has gone overboard.

The principle is to take care of the number one asset in the firm, which is your health. If you are in crappy health, you are likely to produce crappy work, and this is not complicated.

Taking care of your health is essential for being a smart and disciplined operator.

You can immediately assess whether someone is taking care of themselves by looking at a few things. These include your health, including your diet, exercise, sleep, managing your key vitals, and going to key medical providers at appropriate intervals. Your faith and/or spiritual practice, family, friendship and community connections, goal and purpose setting, and having fun with something to look forward to are also important.

Unhealthy people are unhappy people, and this can be easily spotted. If you're an unhealthy person, you can change this with effort, commitment, and coaching. Renew is here to help you have a better firm and a better life and, as such, we believe that we only have so much time to make an impact. Don't support the truth that: "most people aim at nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy."

It is important to start somewhere, even if it's small.

Talk to someone, and you'll make progress. Prioritizing the firm as the number one client means taking care of yourself first so that you can take care of others better. This principle applies to everyone, including entrepreneurs, employees, and executives. When you take care of your health, faith, family, friendships, and purpose, you can be more productive, creative, and successful in your personal and professional life.

We are here to help you have a better firm and better life. 

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About the Author:


Shannon Vincent has dedicated his entire career to working with accountants in various capacities. He has consulted with Top 100 firms to Sole Practitioners, helping them create sustainable and profitable businesses. A member of the California Society of CPAs, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with an emphasis in accounting from University of California, Santa Barbara, and now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Shannon is passionate about helping accountants live better lives for better business outcomes.


About Renew Group:


Are you tired of being on the diet but not seeing results? Most consultants to the CPA Profession do lots of talking and deal in 'fluff'. But there's no accountability and no focus on RESULTS.

At Renew, we start with your numbers. Our firms complete a Pareto for Profit analysis EVERY YEAR, set new targets to improve their profitability and then 'weigh in' regularly. We give you a roadmap to transform the profitability of your accounting firm by accessing our content, collaborating with other firms on a similar path and being held accountable by our coaching team and your peers.

Get paid what you're worth, create a better life based on a scalable business model and eliminate tax season insanity once and for all!

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