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ReNew brings together members of the A Better Way program from all over the United States

Colin Dunn
November 15, 2022
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In its first face-to-face event since 2019, ReNew has brought together members of the A Better Way program for two days of personal and business development at the prestigious Berkeley City Club in sunny California.

ReNew’s methodologies help accountants increase profits whilst reducing hours worked through the Pareto for Profit system. The event featured various presentations, interviews and panel discussions highlighting strategies to maximize efficiency and revenue through redefining current client relationships and service offerings.

Numerous speakers hosted these sessions, including ReNew co-founders Shannon Vincent and Colin Dunn and representatives from members. Additionally, strategic advisor Roy Keely flew in from Atlanta to share his expertise on product development and technology.

Additionally, the conference featured the release of member firms’ Pareto for Profit Benchmark Reports, highlighting Modern Firm Metrics in the areas of business model, leverage, pricing and clients. Furthermore, the event headlined the launch of a new system to reinvent interactions with clients from traditional, once-a-year tax exchanges to a holistic, advisory relationship.

“The new system was warmly received. Everyone present could see how it will be invaluable in helping them to upgrade their target clients as a part of the Pareto for Profits model,” said Colin Dunn.

With many possibilities for networking, growth, and development, the conference has provided a valuable opportunity for the attending members.

Shannon Vincent said: “It was so good to see everyone again. ReNew has grown by over 100% since the last face-to-face meeting and it was wonderful to formally introduce our new members to the group.”

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