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Leverage, pricing and creating better outcomes

September 23, 2021
Best practices for pricing for accounting firms
Value Pricing for CPA Firms
Shannon Vincent

Do NOT price alone

A before-and-after exchange with a ReNew firm*.

Key takeaways:


Here are the outcomes of the setup:

Final version

I will suggest a monthly price for the work enumerated in my Tax, Accounting and Advisory Services Proposal. But in thinking about that price, we have one significant start-up task, which is optimizing the accounting so it accurately and easily reflects what's going on with and between the buildings, trusts, and individuals.

Some of the broad goals are:

The accounting is the scaffolding that supports our strategic and advisory work. Therefore, it makes sense to tackle the accounting optimization first.

Here are the specifications and outcomes of the optimization:

It will cost $10,000 for the initial work (an average of $588 per taxpayer) and I’m confident the value will far exceed this price. Most importantly, this project will set you and us up for operational success including getting a better handle on the price of the ongoing work.

Before pricing, leverage the ReNew network and seek our guidance and input. You'll ultimately achieve far better outcomes on pricing work and any other advisory projects you set out to do.

* Pricing is covered in week 5 of RYAF.

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